Tuesday, May 29, 2007

June 16th Lunch making

June 16th will be upon us soon.
But first, the May lunch making went very well. The donations poured in the week of the lunch-making and we ended up with 523 lunches for our brothers and sisters in Baltimore and Frederick. We included water bottles and Capri Suns again, which make for a fine lunch indeed.
The generosity of our parish is significant and the compassion is beautiful. It is a joyful way to start a Saturday (even if it is 8AM).

The Bucknell Back-up: after a long time away at a higher learning facility, it appears that Jessica has a bit of a production snafu on her hands... sister Ann gets a kick out of it all.

In June we will definitely need some communication to coordinate the donations.
Anyone who would like to donate can send an email to ted4youth@comcast.net and it will be forwarded to everyone else on the list. If each donor would continue by "replying to all" then we will all be updated at the same time. Your help in all this is greatly appreciated.
For now, we have the following already donated:

500 lunch bags
500 mustard
500 mayonaise
500 Capri Suns
500 cheese slices
500 napkins

120 snacks (we need 380 more)
100 fruit cups (we need 400 more)
100 spoons (we need 400 more)

0 desserts (we need 500)
0 sandwhich bags (we need 500)
16 lbs lunch meat (we need 34 lbs more)
2 loaves of bread (we need 48 more)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May Lunch update

Items we need donated this week:

40 loaves of bread

44 lbs of lunchmeat

335 snacks (chips, pretzels, crackers)

400 fruit portions (whole fruit, fruit cups)

424 desserts

500 mustard packs

500 mayonnaise packs

We have the following:

500 Capri Suns

500 slices of cheese

10 loaves of bread

6 lbs of lunchmeat

165 snacks

100 fruit cups

76 desserts

500 sandwich bags

500 lunch bags

100 mustard packets

500 napkins

500 spoons

500 bottled water