Monday, September 21, 2009

Amazing does it!

It is amazing how much is shared by our parish and friends from around the community. On the third Saturday of the month, it is amazing to show up at St. Michael's hall at 8 in the morning. By that time the effort of many has already become mounds of food and supplies. Bags and bags of bread and rolls are in place due to the energy and motivation of Bob who loves to bring it on! Bob picks up the bread that is ready to be "one day old" from the local groceries... and then drops them off here among other places of service. Additional bread is donated by a local prayer group and dropped off by Carol.... along with enough food to supply 5o lunches with meat, fruit, desserts and snacks!!! The heavy load of drinks is brought in by Mike and Marie... who have donated drinks for the full 24,500 lunches we have made over the past four years... what a beautiful flow of living drink for those in need! We also have been blessed by cash donations that continue to supply 500 bottles of water, and meat, desserts, fruit, snack, spoons or whatever else is in need that month by Peter and Lori... and more from John, additional from Kathy M, and still more from others!!!

Others bitten with a chronic willingness to donate are Linda and Doug and enough cheese slices each month, Kathy H who piles on the fruit cups, Tom and Delores B with snacks, Jack and wife drop off meat and mustard and mayo packets, Mike E with sandwich bags, the Krugles bring lunch bags and napkins for 500, Dan and Susan and sons with meat each month and stand-in for me when I am away, Tim, Karen, Greg and Grace with calls to check on exactly what's needed and then brought in, and so many others who show up month in and out... all to serve those in need... to perform a corporal work of mercy... Feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty. How many thousands of lives have been blessed by the love emanating from this parish? How many thousands of Christmas cookies have been lovingly made, decorated, then gift bagged for those who receive our December lunches (thanks Tricia for the desire and energy to get them together)... and Matt and Lily show up with dad or mom, early enough to do the set-up... that means 7:30 AM ouch!
What about the little things?
During winter months we have also sent out hundreds of lip protection in the form of chapsticks and others... and many months we send out packs of gum in every bag!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankfully November Lunch needs

It is Thursday morning, November the 13th.
The rain is falling and it is cold.
They are calling for wet weather all weekend. Please keep yourself warm and dry by joining us for lunch making on Saturday the 15th at 8 AM.

We need the following:
365 snacks
200 fruit cups
35 lbs of lunch meat
chapsticks are back in need... we have 40 on hand...

Thank you to the
and other donors who have dropped off donations of food, supplies and money for this incredible endeavor.
Many of you consistently drop off stuff and I do not know who does it... If you are not named above please remind me with a note...
We have a pastoral council retreat on Saturday also... starting at 9 AM... If anyone is able to help finish off the duties of putting things away and cleaning up the room I would appreciate it... Each month it works out so well... this month I will need to leave just as we are wrapping it up.

The Hardings are taking lunches to Baltimore... can we get a commitment for the Frederick delivery?

Thank you all for your help and support... this ministry is truly a ministry of multiplication of the loaves and fishes.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October lunches

As of October 15th we have received:

500 Capri Suns from a monthly donor
88 fruit cups monthly donor and 300 more committed to by monthly donors
100 snacks from monthly donors
60 desserts from monthly donors
500 lunch bags fmd
500 mayo and mustard fmd
480 slices of cheese fmd
16 lbs lunch meat
6 loaves of bread plus 35 loaves from monthly donors

We have received cash donations and I will pick up
500 spoons
20 lbs lunch meat
500 bottles of water
500 sandwich bags
snacks and desserts as needed when I get the final count on donations.
15 loaves of bread

So we can use the following donations:
112 fruit cups
400 snacks
440 desserts
25 lbs lunch meat
if you can help and donate any of the above please email

We also need someone to deliver lunches to Frederick Beacon House.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May Lunches

It looks like we need 200 desserts
400 snacks
140 fruit cups
32 lbs of lunchmeat
and we need drivers to Frederick and to Baltimore.
Thanks so much for all that you do!
Thank you to those who have already dropped off the 500 drinks, the 304
fruit cups, the 50 loaves of bread, the cheese, and snacks... It is so great
to have your help in this!

Monday, April 14, 2008

April lunchmaking

As of April 14th, 2008 we have the following food and supplies in hand:

500 Capri Suns
8oo desserts
480 chocolate stix
196 fruit cups
80 snacks
400 cheese slices
10 lbs lunchmeat
enough bread
over 500 sandwich bags
over 500 napkins
over 500 spoons
300 sandwich bags
88 mustard packets
77 mayonnaise packets
We have 30 Chapsticks and counting...

So based on what we have and what donors have brought in the past...
We should be o.k. for fruit and mustard and mayo...

The things we need are:
45 pounds of lunch meat
400 snacks
100 cheese slices or more

We also need a driver to take 120 lunches to Frederick
a driver or two to take 280 lunches to Beans and Bread
and 100 to Our Daily Bread soup kitchens in Baltimore.

And we need you to come and join us for the assembling of the lunches... we start at 8 AM on Saturday morning the 19th... in the hall. See you there!

Monday, February 25, 2008

February lunches amazing

Update on last week's lunchmaking... Over 40 children, youth and adults stopped in to help make lunches for those in need in Baltimore and Frederick... we made over 150 additional sandwiches and 500 lunches... We added Chapsticks for several hundred of the lunches. Valentines cards made by our youth added a nice warm connection. Check out the picture below for a nice idea of the contents of the lunches we make each month (3rd Saturday).

Join us in March on the 15th as a great way to begin Holy Week!
If you would like to donate lunchmeat or desserts, or Chapstick, or make Easter cards... all are welcome, just leave a comment.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

February update

Our January lunch making went very well. 45 early risers came to make lunches and it was great to see so many. Our effort was a smooth and encouraging experience. The lip balm idea went well as we added chap sticks to over 125 lunches... taped right to the sandwich...

We ended up with the following for February:
500 Mustard and mayo packs
19 Loaves of bread... and we just received 20 more loaves and 250 rolls... which means we have enough bread for February.
10 pounds of lunch meat (need another 45 lbs)
253 dessert (need 247 more)
56 snacks (444)
100 fruit portions (need 100, monthly donor 300)
100 spoons (need 400)
500 napkins
500 lunch bags
25 sandwich bags (need 475)

From cash donations we have picked up 500 bottles of water, 20 lbs of meat and spoons... )
From monthly donations we get:
500 Capri Suns
300 fruit cups
26 lbs of lunch meat
200 desserts
hundreds of snacks and desserts when requested...
500 mayo and mustard packs
500 napkins
500 lunch bags
enough fruit, snacks, desserts, bread and meat for 50 lunches
470 cheese slices
Food prep gloves... several varieties for ease of use
sandwich bags
staplers, scissors, bread knives, staples... etc for the miscellaneous needs

As you can see it is a huge undertaking. It is also an amazing consistency among our group who are there to donate and make the lunches.
We also have several families who have consistently come through with delivery to Beans and Bread in Baltimore and Beacon House in Frederick...

Thank you all for all you do. You truly do present the body of Christ to... the Body of Christ in those in need.