Monday, September 21, 2009

Amazing does it!

It is amazing how much is shared by our parish and friends from around the community. On the third Saturday of the month, it is amazing to show up at St. Michael's hall at 8 in the morning. By that time the effort of many has already become mounds of food and supplies. Bags and bags of bread and rolls are in place due to the energy and motivation of Bob who loves to bring it on! Bob picks up the bread that is ready to be "one day old" from the local groceries... and then drops them off here among other places of service. Additional bread is donated by a local prayer group and dropped off by Carol.... along with enough food to supply 5o lunches with meat, fruit, desserts and snacks!!! The heavy load of drinks is brought in by Mike and Marie... who have donated drinks for the full 24,500 lunches we have made over the past four years... what a beautiful flow of living drink for those in need! We also have been blessed by cash donations that continue to supply 500 bottles of water, and meat, desserts, fruit, snack, spoons or whatever else is in need that month by Peter and Lori... and more from John, additional from Kathy M, and still more from others!!!

Others bitten with a chronic willingness to donate are Linda and Doug and enough cheese slices each month, Kathy H who piles on the fruit cups, Tom and Delores B with snacks, Jack and wife drop off meat and mustard and mayo packets, Mike E with sandwich bags, the Krugles bring lunch bags and napkins for 500, Dan and Susan and sons with meat each month and stand-in for me when I am away, Tim, Karen, Greg and Grace with calls to check on exactly what's needed and then brought in, and so many others who show up month in and out... all to serve those in need... to perform a corporal work of mercy... Feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty. How many thousands of lives have been blessed by the love emanating from this parish? How many thousands of Christmas cookies have been lovingly made, decorated, then gift bagged for those who receive our December lunches (thanks Tricia for the desire and energy to get them together)... and Matt and Lily show up with dad or mom, early enough to do the set-up... that means 7:30 AM ouch!
What about the little things?
During winter months we have also sent out hundreds of lip protection in the form of chapsticks and others... and many months we send out packs of gum in every bag!