Monday, April 14, 2008

April lunchmaking

As of April 14th, 2008 we have the following food and supplies in hand:

500 Capri Suns
8oo desserts
480 chocolate stix
196 fruit cups
80 snacks
400 cheese slices
10 lbs lunchmeat
enough bread
over 500 sandwich bags
over 500 napkins
over 500 spoons
300 sandwich bags
88 mustard packets
77 mayonnaise packets
We have 30 Chapsticks and counting...

So based on what we have and what donors have brought in the past...
We should be o.k. for fruit and mustard and mayo...

The things we need are:
45 pounds of lunch meat
400 snacks
100 cheese slices or more

We also need a driver to take 120 lunches to Frederick
a driver or two to take 280 lunches to Beans and Bread
and 100 to Our Daily Bread soup kitchens in Baltimore.

And we need you to come and join us for the assembling of the lunches... we start at 8 AM on Saturday morning the 19th... in the hall. See you there!