Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas

To all who have raised their hands in service to those in need... a huge thank you for your charity: Love of others... the choice to rise from the warmth of beds and comfortable homes to venture out in cars over to St Michael's... sometimes wondering will anyone else be there, even the smallest of choices extends the true love of the season. So much goes into making a bountiful gift of lunches and water for those in need that it truly is a blessing when there is an outpouring of hearts and hands the third Saturday of the month...

And so on December the 15th, a day after the 14th, we gathered 45 of us to put together the donated food and lunch items into lunch bags. On the 14th, from 9 AM until 11 or so, Tricia Buckman and her friends assembled the 200 dozen Christmas cookies into decorated bags. The ladies used ribbons to attach a Christmas tree note (made by the religious education classes) on each bag. In the end we had many, many bags of cookies, enough to send extra bags on to Beacon House to share at the lunch that day.

Blessings to all in the knowledge that hundreds of our brothers and sisters in Baltimore and in Frederick will realize just a little bit more that they are not alone.
We also sent woolen blankets to the homeless outside Holy Redeemer church and school in Washington DC. We have more to take to Baltimore in January... thanks to Bob Elam.

In January we hope to also provide a chapstick for each person in the lunch bags, so if you are able to donate a few please remember that you can drop them off outside Ted's office A105 in the religious education wing....... See you then!!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October brilliance

The brilliance of many hands and hearts reflected in this picture... 500 lunches, 75 extra sandwiches, many notes of encouragement, 500 bottles of water, all sent out to Baltimore and Frederick with love from the 43 caring souls. Many others sent their gifts of Capri Suns, meat, cheese, lunch bags, napkins, mayo and mustard, bread and loaves, fruit cups, desserts and snacks... So the brilliant colors of autumn did show last Saturday.. in St Michael's hall...
Join us if you are able, in November on the 17th at 8 A.M. See you then!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October 20th Lunchmaking

An update on what we need for this Saturday:
200 fruitcups or pieces of fruit
35 Lbs of lunch meat
450 desserts
420 snacks
500 sandwich bags
500 spoons

We have donations and commitments for the following:
500 drinks
500 bottled waters
300 fruit cups
20 lbs of lunch meat
55 loaves of bread
500 mayo and mustard packets
500 cheese slices
500 lunch bags
500 napkins

If you are able to donate any of the above needed items please contact:

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

September Lunches

September 12th update!
We just received 500 dessert cups! Please check into snacks, meat and fruitcups... For September 15th... hope to see you there! Also check out the previous post for other items.....

September lunches

Greetings to all who support our ministry of Lunches for Those in Need!
Today September 12th we still need the following:
500 Desserts
450 Snacks
300 Fruit portions... applesauce, fruitcups or whole fruit
40 lbs of Lunch meat
10 loaves of bread

We have donors for the following:
500 Capri Suns
500 Bottles of water
200 Fruit cups
50 Snacks
10 lbs of lunch meat
500 Slices of Cheese
500 Spoons
500 Lunch bags
500 Napkins
500 mayonaise packets
500 mustard packets
500 Sandwich bags

If you are able to donated any of the above needed items, please email with the quantity you will donate.... or post a comment on this blog.. Thank you so much for your love and compassion for those in need.

Monday, June 11, 2007

This Saturday the 16th of June

well, this Saturday will be upon us soon enough and we still have some needs. aside from the promised drinks that show up on Thursday we are still in need of
370 fruit cups
500 desserts
48 loaves of bread
34 lbs of lunch meat
450 spoons
and we need one or two drivers to Beans and Bread in Baltimore, unless a driver shows up who can take 20 bags of 20 lunches and 400 bottles of water.
If you are on the mailing list and would like to donate any of this or deliver to Baltimore, please contact Susan Woodward at
Thank you so much and pray for those who are doing a mission trip to Jamaica!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

June 16th Lunch making

June 16th will be upon us soon.
But first, the May lunch making went very well. The donations poured in the week of the lunch-making and we ended up with 523 lunches for our brothers and sisters in Baltimore and Frederick. We included water bottles and Capri Suns again, which make for a fine lunch indeed.
The generosity of our parish is significant and the compassion is beautiful. It is a joyful way to start a Saturday (even if it is 8AM).

The Bucknell Back-up: after a long time away at a higher learning facility, it appears that Jessica has a bit of a production snafu on her hands... sister Ann gets a kick out of it all.

In June we will definitely need some communication to coordinate the donations.
Anyone who would like to donate can send an email to and it will be forwarded to everyone else on the list. If each donor would continue by "replying to all" then we will all be updated at the same time. Your help in all this is greatly appreciated.
For now, we have the following already donated:

500 lunch bags
500 mustard
500 mayonaise
500 Capri Suns
500 cheese slices
500 napkins

120 snacks (we need 380 more)
100 fruit cups (we need 400 more)
100 spoons (we need 400 more)

0 desserts (we need 500)
0 sandwhich bags (we need 500)
16 lbs lunch meat (we need 34 lbs more)
2 loaves of bread (we need 48 more)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May Lunch update

Items we need donated this week:

40 loaves of bread

44 lbs of lunchmeat

335 snacks (chips, pretzels, crackers)

400 fruit portions (whole fruit, fruit cups)

424 desserts

500 mustard packs

500 mayonnaise packs

We have the following:

500 Capri Suns

500 slices of cheese

10 loaves of bread

6 lbs of lunchmeat

165 snacks

100 fruit cups

76 desserts

500 sandwich bags

500 lunch bags

100 mustard packets

500 napkins

500 spoons

500 bottled water

Thursday, April 19, 2007

April 21st Lunch making

At this point we have the following:
500 Capri Suns
525 Bottled water
1500 lunch bags
31 pounds lunch meat
1100 spoons
200 mustard packs
400 mayonaise packs
900 sandwich bags
900 napkins
50 loaves bread
288 fruit cups
560 cheese crackers
426 bags of chips
312 dessert portions

Here is what we need:
200 dessert portions
75 bags chips
212 fruit cups
20 pounds lunch meat
200 mayonaise packs
500 mustard packs
500 slices of cheese

Thank you for your support. We will begin at 8 AM Saturday the 21st... hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

March 15 update

Today, March 15th, we have commitments to provide the following:

700 mustard we have enough for March

500 mayo we have enough for March

320 desserts we need 180 more desserts

600 spoons we have enough for March

800 sandwich bags we have enough for March

260 snack packs (chips etc) we can use more chip type snacks

524 crackers with peanut butter we have enough

524 fruit portions we we have enough fruit portions

29 lbs lunch meat we need 21 more pounds

39 loaves bread we need 11 more loaves

2000 lunch bags we have enough

500 slices of cheese we have enough

500 drinks we have enough

2000 napkins we have enough

Remember to contact Ted if you are donating food so that we can update the list... Thanks

Friday, March 2, 2007

March 17 a little St Patty's Day prep

St Patrick was known to have a vision which called him to step forward in action upon Ireland. His life of faith has marked our faith for close to 1600 years. As a brother in Christ, we look at his life and we can be emboldened to know that we, in our human weakness and sin, can step forward to a life of holiness... always knowing that the grace and power comes from the Holy Spirit. In seeking a path of holy living, we as Christian brothers and sisters must realize: all we do, think, say and believe is a behavior... an action. Even a thought portends another thought, a spoken message or action. So all we think or imagine is behavior. Our belief in God, the Trinity, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit can be kept in our minds, but it is still an action. It is still the production of an idea that was not there before. It is part of the response that we so graciously express as our YES to the Lord. So be your work a thought, an idea, a message, a note, a hand toward another in assistance and in charity... know that the salvation granted by God elicits from the grateful sinner a response. It is good for us to give glory to the Lord of all creation in all that we do. Let our lives be the glory to God. Let our love be glory to God. Let all who see or hear or accept our love give glory to God!!!
Come join us in our little path of love for those who are in need of good food and brotherly love on Saturday morning, March 17th, St Patrick's Day, and make a lunch, write an encouraging note, pray in supplication for those we serve, and exhort each other in Christian joy toward a life of holiness, marked by every thought, idea, or action taken... see you at 8 AM! :)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

February Lunches Complete!

In spite of the ice and cold, over 40 hearty souls joined together to make lunches for our friends in Baltimore and Frederick. There were many helpful hands and warm hearts in the hall today and the mission became a reality in short but attentive order. We had an abundance of food... enough of everything thanks to so many who have given so generously. Today we were able to add additional snacks and desserts to the lunches. We also had the Valentines cards and many more notes from our group. So it was a beautiful thing to behold once again. By 9:20 we were loading up the vehicles for the refrigerated deliveries to Baltimore and Frederick. By 9:45 all was in place and back in order.

Thank you again to all who contribute: Those who gave cards, the blanket, food and supplies... all were appreciated... so much so that the man receiving the lunches at Beans and Bread came out to the truck and exclaimed how these are the best lunches. I liked what I heard... I said "What do you mean"... I was hoping he had taken notice of the great snacks, sandwiches, desserts, fruit, spoons, mayo and mustard packs in the big brown 8# bag... and his reply was "the letters, man, the letters... on the bags.. H...T...B...

so you know what you are getting... Ham, Turkey or Bologna..." so thanks to our letter markers and our meat ladies who organized the meat so well... People do appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Update February 14th... Happy Valentines Day. Enjoy the day in the ice.
For this Saturday we have received additional desserts and snacks and fruit cups... so the items still in need are as follows:
25 loaves of bread
15 lbs of lunch meat, ham, turkey or bologna
200 fruit cups or whole pieces of fruit
any additional desserts or snacks will be added to the lunches to make a really nice bag lunch for those who could use a little something extra. Thanks for all the support...and we will see you there on Saturday. As for the weather... if it turns bad again and we can't do the lunches on Saturday... I will update this blog and put a message on the church phone... my extension is 106..... much love on this heart-filled day

Friday, February 9, 2007

February Lunches

This month we meet on the 17th of February, at 8 AM in the hall. We gather to prepare lunches for those in need. We have a quilt that was created by a second grade religious education class on tuesday evenings. They are led by Ronnie Hartner and Julie Femiano Pepper... The class presented the quilt to Mary Fulmer on January 30th... this quilt will be delivered to Beans and Bread in Baltimore to comfort someone who is in need of warmth and protection against this bitter cold weather. We also have notes leftover from Christmas and the Sunday class led Carrie Morris will be making 500 Valentines cards to go into the lunches.
Please pray for those we serve and keep them in mind as you gather your donations and offerings. Our families are such a source of good news for those in Baltimore and Frederick as we continue to prepare the 500 lunches.
Items still needed as of Monday Feb 12th are as follows:
Bread 26 loaves
Meat 20 Lbs
Fruit 240 portions
Snacks 0
Desserts 100
We also need a driver to deliver the lunches to Frederick Beacon House... directions are available on Saturday...

Friday, January 5, 2007

January 20, 2007

Welcome back to our Lunches for Those in Need update. As we prepare for the 20th, the four items of which we are in most need are:

Sliced lunch meat need 50 lbs have 11 lbs
Snacks need 500 have 172 Updated 1/12
Desserts need 500 have 500 updated 1/12
Fruit/ fruit cups need 500 have 24

We also need volunteers to transport:
To Beacon House in Frederick a mid-sized car is big enough (still need as of 1/12)
We have a driver for delivery to Beans and Bread in Baltimore (the beige building in the picture above) a van and most of the seats available is required.
If you can donate any of the above please let Ted know by way of email at
If you can drive, please state the location to which you would like to deliver and we will provide directions... You will be notified by email ahead of time if you have been designated to deliver this month.
If you are able to leave a comment on this blog that could help also so that others can check to see what is being donated...
Thanks for choosing to share your gifts of time and treasure with those who truly have a need for this food.