Wednesday, September 12, 2007

September Lunches

September 12th update!
We just received 500 dessert cups! Please check into snacks, meat and fruitcups... For September 15th... hope to see you there! Also check out the previous post for other items.....

September lunches

Greetings to all who support our ministry of Lunches for Those in Need!
Today September 12th we still need the following:
500 Desserts
450 Snacks
300 Fruit portions... applesauce, fruitcups or whole fruit
40 lbs of Lunch meat
10 loaves of bread

We have donors for the following:
500 Capri Suns
500 Bottles of water
200 Fruit cups
50 Snacks
10 lbs of lunch meat
500 Slices of Cheese
500 Spoons
500 Lunch bags
500 Napkins
500 mayonaise packets
500 mustard packets
500 Sandwich bags

If you are able to donated any of the above needed items, please email with the quantity you will donate.... or post a comment on this blog.. Thank you so much for your love and compassion for those in need.