Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas

To all who have raised their hands in service to those in need... a huge thank you for your charity: Love of others... the choice to rise from the warmth of beds and comfortable homes to venture out in cars over to St Michael's... sometimes wondering will anyone else be there, even the smallest of choices extends the true love of the season. So much goes into making a bountiful gift of lunches and water for those in need that it truly is a blessing when there is an outpouring of hearts and hands the third Saturday of the month...

And so on December the 15th, a day after the 14th, we gathered 45 of us to put together the donated food and lunch items into lunch bags. On the 14th, from 9 AM until 11 or so, Tricia Buckman and her friends assembled the 200 dozen Christmas cookies into decorated bags. The ladies used ribbons to attach a Christmas tree note (made by the religious education classes) on each bag. In the end we had many, many bags of cookies, enough to send extra bags on to Beacon House to share at the lunch that day.

Blessings to all in the knowledge that hundreds of our brothers and sisters in Baltimore and in Frederick will realize just a little bit more that they are not alone.
We also sent woolen blankets to the homeless outside Holy Redeemer church and school in Washington DC. We have more to take to Baltimore in January... thanks to Bob Elam.

In January we hope to also provide a chapstick for each person in the lunch bags, so if you are able to donate a few please remember that you can drop them off outside Ted's office A105 in the religious education wing....... See you then!!!!!

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