Thursday, January 24, 2008

February update

Our January lunch making went very well. 45 early risers came to make lunches and it was great to see so many. Our effort was a smooth and encouraging experience. The lip balm idea went well as we added chap sticks to over 125 lunches... taped right to the sandwich...

We ended up with the following for February:
500 Mustard and mayo packs
19 Loaves of bread... and we just received 20 more loaves and 250 rolls... which means we have enough bread for February.
10 pounds of lunch meat (need another 45 lbs)
253 dessert (need 247 more)
56 snacks (444)
100 fruit portions (need 100, monthly donor 300)
100 spoons (need 400)
500 napkins
500 lunch bags
25 sandwich bags (need 475)

From cash donations we have picked up 500 bottles of water, 20 lbs of meat and spoons... )
From monthly donations we get:
500 Capri Suns
300 fruit cups
26 lbs of lunch meat
200 desserts
hundreds of snacks and desserts when requested...
500 mayo and mustard packs
500 napkins
500 lunch bags
enough fruit, snacks, desserts, bread and meat for 50 lunches
470 cheese slices
Food prep gloves... several varieties for ease of use
sandwich bags
staplers, scissors, bread knives, staples... etc for the miscellaneous needs

As you can see it is a huge undertaking. It is also an amazing consistency among our group who are there to donate and make the lunches.
We also have several families who have consistently come through with delivery to Beans and Bread in Baltimore and Beacon House in Frederick...

Thank you all for all you do. You truly do present the body of Christ to... the Body of Christ in those in need.

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