Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October lunches

As of October 15th we have received:

500 Capri Suns from a monthly donor
88 fruit cups monthly donor and 300 more committed to by monthly donors
100 snacks from monthly donors
60 desserts from monthly donors
500 lunch bags fmd
500 mayo and mustard fmd
480 slices of cheese fmd
16 lbs lunch meat
6 loaves of bread plus 35 loaves from monthly donors

We have received cash donations and I will pick up
500 spoons
20 lbs lunch meat
500 bottles of water
500 sandwich bags
snacks and desserts as needed when I get the final count on donations.
15 loaves of bread

So we can use the following donations:
112 fruit cups
400 snacks
440 desserts
25 lbs lunch meat
if you can help and donate any of the above please email

We also need someone to deliver lunches to Frederick Beacon House.

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