Saturday, February 17, 2007

February Lunches Complete!

In spite of the ice and cold, over 40 hearty souls joined together to make lunches for our friends in Baltimore and Frederick. There were many helpful hands and warm hearts in the hall today and the mission became a reality in short but attentive order. We had an abundance of food... enough of everything thanks to so many who have given so generously. Today we were able to add additional snacks and desserts to the lunches. We also had the Valentines cards and many more notes from our group. So it was a beautiful thing to behold once again. By 9:20 we were loading up the vehicles for the refrigerated deliveries to Baltimore and Frederick. By 9:45 all was in place and back in order.

Thank you again to all who contribute: Those who gave cards, the blanket, food and supplies... all were appreciated... so much so that the man receiving the lunches at Beans and Bread came out to the truck and exclaimed how these are the best lunches. I liked what I heard... I said "What do you mean"... I was hoping he had taken notice of the great snacks, sandwiches, desserts, fruit, spoons, mayo and mustard packs in the big brown 8# bag... and his reply was "the letters, man, the letters... on the bags.. H...T...B...

so you know what you are getting... Ham, Turkey or Bologna..." so thanks to our letter markers and our meat ladies who organized the meat so well... People do appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness!!!

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You are so the man