Friday, March 2, 2007

March 17 a little St Patty's Day prep

St Patrick was known to have a vision which called him to step forward in action upon Ireland. His life of faith has marked our faith for close to 1600 years. As a brother in Christ, we look at his life and we can be emboldened to know that we, in our human weakness and sin, can step forward to a life of holiness... always knowing that the grace and power comes from the Holy Spirit. In seeking a path of holy living, we as Christian brothers and sisters must realize: all we do, think, say and believe is a behavior... an action. Even a thought portends another thought, a spoken message or action. So all we think or imagine is behavior. Our belief in God, the Trinity, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit can be kept in our minds, but it is still an action. It is still the production of an idea that was not there before. It is part of the response that we so graciously express as our YES to the Lord. So be your work a thought, an idea, a message, a note, a hand toward another in assistance and in charity... know that the salvation granted by God elicits from the grateful sinner a response. It is good for us to give glory to the Lord of all creation in all that we do. Let our lives be the glory to God. Let our love be glory to God. Let all who see or hear or accept our love give glory to God!!!
Come join us in our little path of love for those who are in need of good food and brotherly love on Saturday morning, March 17th, St Patrick's Day, and make a lunch, write an encouraging note, pray in supplication for those we serve, and exhort each other in Christian joy toward a life of holiness, marked by every thought, idea, or action taken... see you at 8 AM! :)

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I will be there dressed in a cloverish green.